Adventure for Kids

Game Park Aurach 
The park is home of approx. 200 animals at 1.100 m/3.600 ft above sea level, the largest open-air compound (app. 40 hectares) in Tyrol. You will see deers, lynxes, wild boars, yaks, zebus, marmots, wild ducks, pheasants, peacocks, ibexes and other animals in compounds or running free. 
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“Hexenwasser” – Bewitched waters at Hochsöll 
Inside this damp natural park even “cool“ kids tend to forget they had no intention of taking the tour. Winner of the coveted State Tourism Award, this recreational park boasts over 60 hands-on exhibits. Time flies when both parents and children are having fun. 
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"Ellmi's Magic World" in Ellmau in Tyrol 
The experience tour up to the home of the magic frog “Ellmi” remains unforgettable for everyone - whether young or old! Start in Ellmau with the cable car high up to the mountains. And we really get going up there on the Hartkaiser! What grows and blossoms here? What creeps and flies over there? What will you discover to be played on, to explore and to wonder about? 
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