Niance® World of Luxury

Treatment dreams come true: available for the first time anywhere in the world at the Grand Tirolia Kitzbühel. The luxury brand NIANCE® stands for highly-effective, pure highclass facial care and unique luxury treatments for visible rejuvenation of the skin. 

NIANCE® and the Grand Tirolia Kitzbühel have joined forces to provide something quite distinctive, and with their know-how have set new standards in the world of luxury spas. The vision of making the pure luxury of NIANCE® tangible and an experience for all the senses has led to the world's first "NIANCE® World of Luxury" at the Grand Alps SPA of the Grand Tirolia Kitzbühel.

Designed by spa architect Joachim G. Hallwachs exclusively for the NIANCE® luxury brand, it provides an atmosphere for first-class NIANCE® anti-aging treatments in the most luxurious of treatment rooms imaginable.

Consisting of three well-being zones - the "NIANCE® World of Luxury" Lounge, the "NIANCE® World of Luxury" for Ladies, and the "NIANCE® World of Luxury" for Gentlemen - top-quality materials combine with pure, clean design for a captivating experience.

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